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Eternal Lights Bronze grave markers benches and lazered markersLasered Mememorials monuments add distinctive beaurty and  personalization
Bronze Markers, Bronze Military Emblems, Bronze StatuesTraditional Cast Bronze MarkersMiltary Emblems, Cemetery Flag Holders
Eternal lights and solar candles for memorialsTraditional Wax Cemetery Candles, Vigil CandlesSolar Powered Peace Lights
Porcelain or ceramic photo portraits with vases and urns and pet markers and flag cases and flower saddlesPhoto Attachments for Cemetery MemorialsCremation Urns for Adults, Cremation Urns for Children

In addition to traditional granite markers, slants, and upright monuments, we offer custom shaped monuments (i.e.  motorcycle monuments, angel monuments, etc.) a large selection of bronze grave markers, granite memorial benches, cremation monuments, cremation benches, laser etched granite memorials, as well as many granite, marble, and metal flower vases, urns, cemetery lights, and cemetery candle holders, to satisfy the demands of  both traditional and modern memorial trends.

Not wanting to forget our four legged friends, Thompson Monuments also offers meaningful pet markers, and pet cremation urns.

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